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Destiny 2: How to Get All The Dawning Exotics


Destiny 2: How to Get All The Dawning Exotics

How to Get All of The Dawning Exotics in Destiny 2

It’s the holiday season and Guardians have got another event full of festivities to take part in. From snowball fights at the Tower to little gifting quests, there’s plenty to keep fans glued to Destiny 2 this holiday season. Of course, with The Dawning event comes some new exotics for Guardians to try and get their hands on.

For The Dawning’s exotics, you may want to hand over some of your hard-earned cash in order to have a better chance at getting more of The Dawning’s Engrams from Eververse. You’ll get one of these for free for simply joining in the festivities in Destiny 2 if you go to visit Tess, but after that, you’ll either need to earn them or just buy them with Silver.

If you want to earn them, you’ll need to complete the weekly milestones during The Dawning’s duration in order to get your hands on another Dawning Engram. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll get one of the exotics in these engrams, so you’ll just have to hope.

All of these exotics will also be made available in the Eververse to buy over the three-week period that The Dawning is running in Destiny 2. However, you’ll need to part ways with all of that hard-earned Bright Dust you’ve accrued on your adventure thus far.

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