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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Beat All Darkside Bosses


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Beat All Darkside Bosses

How to Beat All Darkside Bosses in Super Mario Odyssey

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Once you get to the end of Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll quickly realize that the fun (and the challenge) isn’t over just yet. One of the most difficult tasks in the entire game is waiting for you once you manage to collect 250 moons. Collecting enough moons will allow you to travel to the Dark Side of the Moon where a rather fashionable group of bunnies will be awaiting you. By now the Broodals will be anything but strangers to you but this encounter with them will be different from all the others. You will need to take on four Broodal bosses with only one life before running into an even greater challenge once you’ve made it past them.

Having to go through all four of the Broodal bosses with one life means there is little to no room for error here so you’ll want to make sure you’re approaching each one with the right strategy. While some of the bosses are best handled by rushing in, you’ll definitely want to baby sit the edge of the arena when going up against others. This guide will give you a complete breakdown so you can climb your way to the top of the Space Carrot.

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