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Star Wars Battlefront 2: How to Melee


Star Wars Battlefront 2: How to Melee


How to Melee in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 greatly improves melee attacks over the original, allowing players to lunge towards enemies and quickly chain a few blows to take them down. The number of melee attacks needed to eliminate foes varies because each character has a different amount of health, with regular classes taking around 3 hits while heroes can withstand over 10 blows. As you’ll likely fight enemies that have already been damaged, you can definitely kill enemies with one melee attack from time to time.

Simply press the right stick to perform a melee attack on PS4 and Xbox One. Unlike the first Star Wars Battlefront created by EA DICE, characters in Star Wars Battlefront 2 now have a smoother melee animation. This makes downing enemies with your rifle butt more satisfying than before. Pressing the button also allows you to chain melee attacks, so make sure you keep on press the right stick until your opponent goes down.

Melee attacks function differently for heroes, especially those who wield a lightsaber. The animations, controls, and skills varies per hero, so make sure you familiarize yourself with each one so you don’t waste your points during a match. Once you’ve mastered each hero’s short range, projectile, and lunging attacks, you can quickly dominate the battlefield.

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