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South Park Phone Destroyer: How to Get ManBearPig


South Park Phone Destroyer: How to Get ManBearPig

How to Get ManBearPig in South Park: Phone Destroyer

South Park: Phone Destroyer, the real-time strategy free-to-play game from Ubisoft based on the animated series, released last Friday for iOS and Android devices. ManBearPig, the “half man, half bear, and half pig” creature, is a legendary card that can be essential to any deck due to its high health stat as a tank class. At level 1, ManBearPig has 1,200 hit points and 60 attack damage. Players might have to build their decks around this card in South Park: Phone Destroyer, though, since it costs a whopping seven energy to deploy during battle. Here’s what you need to know to get your hands on this all-powerful card in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

It will require a little bit of luck to obtain this legendary card, like most mobile card battlers, but ManBearPig can be found in multiple ways. The creature can be found in the free packs of cards that refresh every four hours, in the PvP packs that requires three multiplayer wins to receive, and in the lockers after completing campaign missions.

The best method is to always open free packs as they become available, earn PvP packs, and replay campaign missions at harder difficulties. If you are not adverse to spending money, you can use the premium currency to refresh the PvP pack timer after every three wins to earn packs faster.

That is how to get ManBearPig in South Park: Phone Destroyer. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more coverage on the game.

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