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Need for Speed Payback: How to Upgrade Your Car


Need for Speed Payback: How to Upgrade Your Car

How to Upgrade Your Car in Need for Speed Payback

Upgrading your ride, in whatever form it has taken, has always been a key part of Need for Speed games. For Need for Speed Payback, the latest game in the series, Ghost Games has switched up how you make upgrades to your car by introducing a card system in place of standard upgrades. Here’s how the new system works and where you need to go in-game to get and make those upgrades.

Speed Cards are what you’ll be looking to get. They are awarded for winning events, which is the easiest way to get them, but they can also be obtained in other ways. They can be bought from Tune-Up Shops, which are shown by a pink spanner icon on the map. Here you will be able to buy Speed Cards using in-game money, or by using Part Tokens gained from Shipments to roll for a randomized one. Any Speed Cards you get from Tune-Up Shops can be equipped then and there, or saved to be equipped later. You can even trade them in for Part Tokens, if they’re of no use to you, so that you can roll for more.

If you do want to save them for another time, such as when you need to upgrade your car’s Jump stats to reach all those tricky to get billboards in Need for Speed Payback, you can do so from the Garage. Where it shows you which Speed Cards are equipped, the un-equipped ones can be seen to the right and they can be swapped in and out. Be aware, however, that Speed Cards cannot be transferred between cars, making them only usable on the vehicle they’re purchased for.

That is how you upgrade your car in Need for Speed Payback. For more tips and tricks, check back with Twinfinite.

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