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Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Delayed by a Week… Again

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Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Delayed by a Week… Again

November 15, this time. Probably.

Final Fantasy XV is a year old now, but Square Enix are still pumping out extra content for the game regularly. We’ve had two story-based expansions so far, Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto, with Episode Ignis set to drop next month. But there’s another expansion due to release before that, namely the Comrades expansion, which adds multiplayer functionality to Final Fantasy XV. You’ll be able to roam around a sizeable area with your friends, fighting and exploring every nook and cranny together.

The Comrades DLC was supposed to land on Oct. 31, but was delayed until Nov. 7 to let the team work more on stability and optimisation. Now, it seems, the expansion has been delayed again. The delay is only by another week, until Nov. 15, and it’s presumed that the reason behind it is once again to allow the team to make further optimisations. The announcement was made via a tweet from the Japanese Square Enix Account:

We know most of you can’t read this tweet, but it basically confirms that the new release date for the expansion if Nov. 15, moved from the previous release date of Nov. 7.

Final Fantasy XV will continue to be in the news for the next few months, with Episode Ignis coming on Dec. 13, and a much anticipated PC version of the game due out early next year. The PC version will contain a number of enhancements to your experience, including a first-person mode, which is making many feel that FFXV: Windows Edition will be the definitive version of the game.

We’ll keep you posted on any other updates relating to the Comrades Expansion, but surely it couldn’t recieve another delay… right?

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