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Final Fantasy XV Comrades: How to Play Solo


Final Fantasy XV Comrades: How to Play Solo

How to Play Solo in Final Fantasy XV Comrades

Final Fantasy XV’s newest expansion is here with Comrades, which adds a multiplayer experience onto the game, also letting you create your own avatar. While Comrades is multiplayer-focused, many fans might be wondering if you can approach the game solo. There is new story and lore attached to Comrades, so the good news is that yes, you can play almost all of Comrades solo.

When you start Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, you’ll need to play the first little bit and make it to Lestallum to really start taking on quests. Once you restore power to HQ and have the option to take quests, you’ll be able to start playing solo. When you select a quest to undertake, simply hit “Recruit AI” at the next option screen. You’ll be taken to camp like normal, but then three AI partners will join you in battle. These partners are honestly pretty competent, so you don’t need to worry about getting dragged down or anything. There are also a few solo missions that just pop up in the story of Comrades, that you’ll obviously need to complete on your own.

Playing with friends can be a blast in Comrades, but if you just want to hop in and play a little by yourself you’ve got that option too. For more on Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, make sure to check back at Twinfinite.

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