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CoD WW2: Who Made CoD WW2


CoD WW2: Who Made CoD WW2

Here’s Who Created CoD WW2

If you’re playing through the latest Call of Duty title, CoD WW2, you’ve likely wondered who’s responsible for this entry, especially since it changes some gameplay aspects up pretty significantly. You may be familiar with the studio that put the title out this time around, especially if you enjoyed Modern Warfare 3 or Advanced Warfare. In fact, you may have even heard its name before: Sledgehammer Games.

Sledgehammer Games is a developer that formed back in 2009 by industry vets Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. Aside from being important names tied to the release of CoD WW2, you might remember from their roles at Visceral Games, where they spearheaded the creation of the Dead Space franchise as well as its following sequels. The series was a deliciously gory riff on the first-person shooter franchise, and a definite stop Call of Duty fans should make if they haven’t already.

Previously, the studio worked alongside Infinity Ward to bring MW3 to fruition and developed CoD:AW after that. This year, Sledgehammer Games worked alongside publisher Activision to bring CoD WW2 to life. As Sledgehammer Games, the company hasn’t created anything outside of the Call of Duty portfolio, but with the success of the franchise that could certainly change in the future.

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