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CoD WW2: How to Change Divisions


CoD WW2: How to Change Divisions

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How to Change Divisions in CoD WW2

There are five different Divisions to choose from in CoD WW2, and you can select a starter one when you first start up the multiplayer portion of the game. The available Divisions are: Infantry, Mountain, Armored, Airborne, and Expeditionary. The good news is, the more multiplayer matches you play, the faster you’ll be able to unlock the other Divisions to play as in CoD WW2.

You have a total of five Division slots, and you’ll unlock them as you level up. The slots are unlocked one by one when you reach rank 2, 4, 6, and 8. After they’ve been unlocked, select a slot and the Division you want to unlock, then spend a Rank Token to confirm your selection. You’ll now be able to swap over to any of your unlocked Divisions from the Soldier tab in your options menu. This means that you’ll also have more weapon loadouts to customize and choose from in CoD WW2’s multiplayer. Every Division has to be leveled up separately, and the game will keep track of your stats like your KD ratio for each one as well. All you have to do is select the Division you want to change to, and set that as your Headquarters soldier.

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