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CoD WW2: How to Get and Change Clothes


CoD WW2: How to Get and Change Clothes

Fashion grind.

How to Get and Change Clothes and Outfits in CoD WW2

When you first get into the online multiplayer in CoD WW2, your soldier will be decked in pretty standard fatigues. However, you’ll probably want to customize your soldier as the game goes on, and you can do so by changing up their clothes and outfits.

There are two ways of getting new clothing in CoD WW2. The first is through rewards earned from Supply Drops. Needless to say, your chances of getting a cool outfit from a Supply Drop are pretty slim, but if you’re willing to grind it out or spend some real money, this is one way of getting new clothes.

Alternatively, you could take the long route and try to save up Armory Credits and buy Division-specific clothes from the Quartermaster in CoD WW2. Armory Credits are the primary currency you’ll use in the multiplayer section of CoD WW2, and you can earn them through a variety of ways: through Supply Drops, completing Daily and Weekly Orders from Major Howard, by increasing your social score in Headquarters, or by getting them from your mailbox every few hours. Most outfits are going to cost you a few thousand Armory Credits though, so be ready to grind a lot for that fashion.

After that, you simply go to the menu and select Soldier, then head over to Divisions, select the Division, and hit either Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One to “Personalize” the uniform for that Division.

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