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WWE 2K18: How to Use the Accelerator Pack


WWE 2K18: How to Use the Accelerator Pack


As in previous games, the standard version of WWE 2K18 locks several characters and arenas until players have completed the MyCareer singleplayer campaign. But there is a way to unlock this content from the jump without having to play through the career campaign.

If you have bought the game’s season pass, the Accelerator Pack is part of that package and all content should already be available. For everyone else, the Accelerator Pack is available to purchase and download separately for $4.99 from the online store related to each respective console store. Then once you have purchased the Accelerator, simply go to Store > Purchaseables > and then you should see an icon at the bottom of the screen that reads “Unlock Everything”. Push square for PS4 or X for Xbox One to activate the option. All the unlockable content available to you. If you’re having trouble accessing the content once you have purchased in-game, you might need to close the application and restart.

That is everything you need to know in order to use the Accelerator pack to unlock additional content in WWE 2K18. For more useful tips and tricks, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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