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Wolfenstein 2: How to Get Side Missions


Wolfenstein 2: How to Get Side Missions

How to Get Side Missions in Wolfenstein 2

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, the second full game from Machine Games, is a very single-player focused shooter, with a narrative-led campaign making up most of the content. However, as you play through the story, you’ll notice that there are some side missions and activities you can do that flesh out the world and some of the characters.

These side missions can be started in different ways, depending on the type of mission they are. Standard side missions, which see you complete tasks for members of Eva’s Hammer’s crew can be started by simply talking to people on the U-boat. Some of the main cast of characters, as well as many of the unknown ones, will ask you to do things for them once you speak to them. That can range from clearing a blocked doorway to collecting all of Max’s toys that are scattered around the world. They won’t all be available from the start of the game, however, with many of the missions unlocking as you progress through the main game and unlock additional areas. You can also complete Uberkommandant missions from the enigma machine in the main room of Eva’s Hammer, to the left of Grace’s room and behind the districts table.

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