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Super Mario Odyssey Coin Farming: How to Get Coins Fast


Super Mario Odyssey Coin Farming: How to Get Coins Fast

Easy money.

Coin Farming to Get Coins Fast in Super Mario Odyssey

There are a lot of things you can buy in Super Mario Odyssey as there is a Crazy Cap store in every kingdom. However, you’ll need money to buy things like extra hearts, power moons, and outfits. Unlike regional currency, you can find gold coins everywhere. It might get a bit tedious trying to go through each kingdom to collect them, so here’s an easy coin farming trick in Super Mario Odyssey.

First off, you’ll want to head over to Bowser’s Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey and teleport to the Beneath the Keep checkpoint. Once you’re there, turn around and head towards the right side rooftop. Jump through the series of gold rings leading down and you’ll find a seed waiting for you. Pick it up and weave through the mini maze filled with spikes and Spikeys. You’ll find a pot waiting for you at the end of the maze.

Throw the seed and climb up the beanstalk where you’ll end up in a mini stage filled with plenty of gold coins. The best thing about this coin farming trick is that you don’t need to move one bit. Instead, start the course by throwing Cappy on the flower to gain an instant speed boost. Do not move your joystick throughout the short course, but keep grabbing the flowers.

There are three more golden rings waiting for you at the end of the Super Mario Odyssey course. Just jump through them to land right in front of the pot. You should have 180 gold coins from the mini stage, and you can keep doing the same method over and over again for easy coin farming. Just grab the seed at the other end and throw it into the pot to continue coin farming. For more details on this handy coin farming trick for Super Mario Odyssey, check here.

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