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Hell Let Loose Takes 100-Player Battles to World War II


Hell Let Loose Takes 100-Player Battles to World War II

That’s a lot of soldiers.

We’re going back to World War II with several different games out there on the market these days. Call of Duty: WWII is taking the series back to its roots, and now a new shooter that looks to bring 100-player battles to life is making the rounds. It’s called Hell Let Loose, and that’s a pretty good title since that’s what the game itself sounds like.

The game is currently up via Kickstarter, seeking about $106,000 (AU $136,000) as it hopes to come to fruition via crowdfunding campaign. It’s not just a shooter though, because why would it need that kind of money if it were? It’s a combination of shooter and persistent combat and strategic scenarios, in a twist that developer Black Matter refers to as “platoon-focused gameplay.”

It’s meant to offer a significantly larger play area than most maps, about 4km squared, where teams of 50 players work to capture areas called sectors, and both teams need to figure out where to attack and where they should fortify areas to keep the other players out. With 13 different jobs to take up, there’s plenty of different roles you can fill in-game depending on what kind of player you are.

The game is projecting a closed alpha release with a successful Kickstarter in 2018 and a potential Early Access debut in Q2 of that year, but it’s not certain just yet if it’ll reach its goal. If it does end up coming to fruition, it could be a very cool alternative to the other war-based titles out there.

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