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GT Sport: Is it Online Only?


GT Sport: Is it Online Only?

Is GT Sport Online Only?

Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo series is finally making its debut on PlayStation 4 in the form of GT Sport and it is moving away from the traditional single-player focus to a more online centric structure. However, some GT fans are wondering how vital an internet connection is to the experience and whether the game is online only.

While the game isn’t fully online only, most of the game’s features become inaccessible if you cannot connect to the game’s server. All but one of the single-player modes (Campaign and Scapes) and obviously the online component of the game, called Sport, cannot be played if you’re offline. Arcade mode, which features single races, time trials, drift trials, and the game’s VR component, can be played when offline, but any progress or changes to the settings you make will not be saved. Saving your game is closely tied to GT Sport being an online game, making it as close to completely online only as you can get.

So if your want to experience everything GT Sport has to offer and bask in how the beauty of the expensive cars in showcased, your console will need to be connected to the internet and you will need to be connected to the game’s servers. There is also a large day one patch that needs to be downloaded before you access the game’s online components.

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