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The Evil Within 2: How to Upgrade Weapons


The Evil Within 2: How to Upgrade Weapons

Can’t go wrong with a boomstick.

Upgrading Weapons in The Evil Within 2

As you amass an arsenal of weapons in The Evil Within 2, you might want to consider upgrading them to increase their firepower and overall usefulness for whenever you’re in a bind. The game features a weapon upgrade system that allows you to improve certain aspects of your weapons.

To upgrade a weapon, you’ll need a workbench, which can be found at Sebastian’s room or any of the safe houses in Union. All you have to do is interact with the workbench and choose to upgrade your weapons from the crafting menu. This will bring up a list of all the available upgrades for your different weapons. However, you’ll need components to complete an upgrade. Components can be found all over Union and in some safe houses as well. Once you have enough, you’ll be able to complete the weapon upgrade. Do note that some upgrades can only be unlocked if you have high-grade components, which are a little harder to find in the game.

Another important thing to note is that while you can use Field Crafting to create items like ammo and restoration items without a workbench, this does not apply to weapon upgrades. This means that all weapon upgrades can only be done from a workbench.

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