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NBA 2K18: How to Do Dribble Moves


NBA 2K18: How to Do Dribble Moves

How to Do Dribble Moves in NBA 2K18

In NBA 2K18, dribbles moves are an important part of gameplay. By using them effectively, you can create space and drive/shot opportunities to increase your chance of scoring. Taking contested shots lowers the probability that you’ll make it, so dribble moves are great to make it easier for you to find uncontested shot opportunities.

For veterans, dribbles moves are probably something you know very well and are able to work wonders with, but for new comers to NBA 2K18, it might be a little tougher. To perform a basic dribble move, carefully tap your analog stick to the left or right to perform a move. Of course, some players are better at it than others, so be careful not to abuse it. However, when used properly you can free up space between yourself and your defender.

The reason we say carefully though is because pushing the stick too hard or too much toward up or down will actually cause you to start a shot/pump fake instead. So make sure you’re using the analog stick correctly so that way you’re doing a dribble move and not taking an ill-advised shot right on top of a defender.

That does it for how to do dribble moves in NBA 2K18. For more on NBA 2K18, make sure to check our wiki.

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