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Metroid Samus Returns: How to Beat the Queen Metroid Boss


Metroid Samus Returns: How to Beat the Queen Metroid Boss

How to Beat the Queen Metroid Boss in Metroid: Samus Returns

Along with the usual fare of strange and grotesque enemies, you’ll be facing down quite a few Metroids in Samus Returns. These iconic enemies can come in all different shapes and sizes, but none are as fearsome as the hulking Queen Metroid you’ll encounter near the end of the game. In Area 8, the final one of the game, you’ll eventually stumble your way into a boss arena, with the giant Queen Metroid taking up the entire left side of the screen. We’ll help walk you through the battle and how to defeat the second to last boss of Samus Returns.

The first thing you need to know is that the Queen Metroid is only vulnerable on its head, when its mouth is open specifically. Unlike other Metroids in the game, you can’t damage her by shooting the glowing spot on her chest. Whenever the bosses mouth is open launch some missiles into it, making sure to evade when you need to. Only use your Super Missiles when you know you can land a hit. There’s a few different attacks the Queen Metroid does in Samus Returns, here’s what you want to do for each.

For the first part of the battle the Queen will lumber forward and snap at you, make sure to run away to avoid the attack. When you’re against the wall she’ll use a deadly lunge attack that can hit your right up against the wall. If you see here use this move, Space Jump all the way up into the right corner of the arena to avoid it. The boss will also fire red beams at the ceiling or floor. If it’s on the floor, use your Spider Ball to crawl up the wall and ceiling to avoid the beam. If it starts on the ceiling now’s a good time to fire off some missiles while running forward to avoid the beam.

Once you’ve done enough damage you’ll stagger the Queen Metroid, causing her to sit there with her mouth open. Run forward, switch to Super Missiles, and fire away. Once the Queen starts to move though get ready, as you’ll see her mouth flash and use your counterattack button to counter the attack. This will stagger the boss and reveal a red point in her mouth. Now switch to your Grapple Beam and grab the red node, causing Samus to slam the Queen’s head into the ground. Immediately point left and start firing missiles into her mouth, until she gets up.

After enough damage the battle will switch to its second phase. Now the Queen has an attack where she’ll glow green and spit our fiery orbs. When this attack starts immediately head to the back wall and Spider Ball on it up to the ceiling. She’ll start breathing fire slowly making its way up. You need to position yourself on the ceiling in a way that you can fall between the green orbs without getting damaged, as after the Queen finishes breathing she’ll shake the ground and knock you off the ceiling. At times the Queen may shake things up by shooting fire at the ground instead of the ceiling while the orbs are out, so make sure to keep an eye on which direction she’s going to go.

The final attack the boss has up her sleeve is a breath attack, where the Queen blows a strong wind to push you into the fiery wall at the back after her fire attack. When this happens simply use your Spider Ball on the ground to roll forward and stop from being pushed away.

Of course, while you’re avoiding all these attacks keep firing missiles away into the Queen’s mouth. Don’t use any other Aeion abilities besides the Lightning Shield, and we recommend you stagger the Queen at least once and then pop the shield on to protect from damage. Or only put the shield on while the green orb attack is happening, as that’s the hardest attack to avoid. Just keep plugging away with those missiles and eventually you’ll topple one of the hardest bosses in Metroid: Samus Returns.

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