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Fortnite: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Fortnite: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Choosing a Landing Spot and Gearing Up


The first thing you’ll be doing in Fortnite Battle Royale is jumping out of the Battle Bus and gliding toward a landing zone. Try and be strategic with when you jump out, don’t leave in a huge cluster of other players. On the way down, you should be scanning for two things: where other players are headed, and locating suitable settlements to loot for weapons and resources. Settlements usually provide the best items, but they’re also typically the most populated areas. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a situation where you’re racing for a weapon against three or four other players, so ideally you should be aiming to land on the outskirts of the settlement you have spotted. There are often buildings here that contain weapons. If you can locate an isolated house, these buildings are arguably the best locations to loot in the early they game. They typically contain two or more weapons, items such as medkits or armor potions, and if you’re lucky, a chest full of different useful items. We’ve compiled a list of the best areas for loot that frequently spawn two or even three chests.

Where you situate yourself for the opening part of Fortnite Battle Royale will depend on your playstyle. Some players prefer to haul up in urban settings, taking advantage of the items and cover of houses. Others will make use of natural flora and keep themselves in rural locations that provide a better all-around view of the area. Regardless, once you’ve found yourself a weapon, locate a decent vantage point and take stock of your surroundings. Keep your ear to the ground! Sound is crucial to working out who is around you and how safe it is to move about in your location. When you are confident it is safe to do so, consider breaking cover and mining some resources — these will come in handy when you want to build fortified defenses or traps. This early part of a round of Fortnite Battle Royale gives you a good chance to stock up because later, when the map shrinks, you’ll have to be watching your back more carefully.

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