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Destiny 2: Where Ikora’s Location Is


Destiny 2: Where Ikora’s Location Is

Where Ikora’s Location Is in Destiny 2

The grind for better gear never stops in Destiny 2, and Bungie now offers players a new way to revisit previously completed story missions in order to receive powerful, Level 20 loot with Meditations. Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard, offers a number of story missions that Guardians can replay in exchange for Vanguard Research tokens. These tokens can be turned in for Vanguard Research reputation and Legendary Engrams. They can not be spent anywhere else.

After reaching level 20 and completing the main story line of Destiny 2, Ikora Rey will relocate to the Tower. You must visit her in order to unlock Meditations and return to completed story missions.

To find Ikora in the tower, look to the right of the courtyard after spawning. There, you will see a hallway between the Gunsmith and the Cryptarch. Walk down that corridor towards the Bazaar. Once you get to the Bazaar, turn to your left to see a round platform where you will find the Warlock Vanguard. From there, you can accept new Meditations and turn in any Vanguard Research tokens you have earned.

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