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Destiny 2: How to Get STOMP-EE5 Exotic Hunter Boots


Destiny 2: How to Get STOMP-EE5 Exotic Hunter Boots

Reach new heights with this exotic boots for Hunters.

How to Get STOMP-EE5 Exotic Hunter Boots in Destiny 2

Ever wanted to jump higher in Destiny 2? The STOMP-EE5 exotic Hunter boots increases the height of your double jump, allowing you to reach areas you wouldn’t access normally. Aside from allowing Guardians to jump two to three feet higher, these boots also increase your sprint speed and slide distance, making your Hunter more agile on the battleground. Take note that the STOMP-EE5 does not affect your Hunter’s triple jump.

Below are the perks for STOMP-EE5:

  • Hydraulic Boosters: Increases sprint speed and slide distance. Improves double jump.
  • Increases this armor’s recovery, allowing you to recover health faster.

The STOMP-EE5 is highly useful for many of the game’s platforming segments in the open-world, but makes you vulnerable during Crucible matches. Aside from bumping your head from ceilings due to your higher jump, you’ll also likely encounter invisible walls in the game.

The STOMP-EE5 also allows you to choose between mobility and resilience. The Mobility Enhancement Mod trait gives you maximum mobility while the Plasteel Reinforcement Mod sacrifices some mobility for additional resilience.

Aside from its neat boost to mobility, the STOMP-EE5 also looks stylish upon applying shaders due to its glossy mechanical parts.

Similar to most exotics in Destiny 2, the STOMP-EE5 exotic Hunter boots can be obtained from random loot drops, exotic engrams, leveling vendors, or as part of the Powerful Gear rewards from the weekly Milestones. Xur might also sell these pair of boots every Friday. Just be patient, continue participating in the various activities, and pray that the Destiny 2 RNG gods bless you with this exotic armor.

The STOMP-EE5 is one of the many exotic armors for Hunters in Destiny 2. Check our ever-growing Destiny 2 wiki for more tips and guides on Bungie’s shooter.

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