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Destiny 2: How to Redeem Calus Tokens From the Raid


Destiny 2: How to Redeem Calus Tokens From the Raid

How to Redeem Calus Tokens from the Raid in Destiny 2

As you play through Destiny 2, you’ve likely found yourself picking up Calus Tokens on the way. Just like every other kind of Token you’ve been picking up thus far in Destiny 2, you need to redeem these with a specific Raid Vendor called Benedict 99-40. However, just like many of the other vendors and NPCs in the game, finding him can be particularly difficult.

First off, head to the Tower and start making your way towards where Hawthorne is. For those who can’t remember, head right before you get to the Gunsmith, head right at the next turn and down the stairs. Head across the courtyard and she’s standing just to the right of Ikora Rey. Benedict 99-40 is actually just underneath this area.

Once you’ve found him, press Square/ X to interact with him and hand over your Calus Tokens just as you would any other in Destiny 2. Fill up the bar by handing over enough tokens and you’ll be given a shiny new piece of gear for your Guardian.

And that’s all you need to know to redeem your Calus Tokens and get some sweet loot.

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