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Destiny 2: How to Mod Weapons and Armor


Destiny 2: How to Mod Weapons and Armor

How to Mod Weapons and Armor in Destiny 2

Upgrading your gear in Destiny 2 is quite a bit different from how it was in the first game. Whereas before you had to collect resources and spend time with a weapon to unlock nodes, all gear now is fully unlocked and ready to roll. Also, If you get the same gun as another player, then you’ll have the same stats, so everyone gets a fair shake (no more grinding forever for that perfect Grasp of Malok or Hopscotch Pilgrim). However, you can still put your own touch on most gear thanks to mods.

There are several different mod types available in Destiny 2 which you can find listed below.

Mod Types Available in Destiny 2

  • Acceleration – Increases Speed.
  • Self Repairing – Increases Recovery
  • Impact Absorption – Increases Resilience.
  • Energy Bracket – Improves handling of Energy Weapons.
  • Power Bracket – Improves handling of Power Weapons.
  • Power Munition Loader – Helps guardians to reload Power Weapons faster.
  • Kinetic Counterbalance – Reduces recoil on Kinetic Weapons.
  • Paragon (Burn Specific) – Recharges Class Ability faster.
  • Ordinance (Burn Specific) – Recharges grenades faster.
  • Impact (Burn Specific) – Recharges melee faster.
  • Transmat Mods – Provides different animated effects when you spawn in such as clouds and glowing wings. (Applied to things like ships)

To apply one of these mods in Destiny 2, go to the weapon or piece of armor that you want to customize and press Triangle/Y to enter the Details menu. From here, scroll down to the mod slot to reveal all available mods for that piece of gear (do note that not all mods are compatible with all items). Chose the mod you want, and as long as you have 250 Glimmer, you’ll be able to equip it. Now enjoy all the perks it comes with.

Once you apply a mod in Destiny 2, it’s tied to that weapon and you can’t get it back. Don’t worry though, as you’re able to carry multiples of everything. Experiment so you can create the guardian of your dreams as you take on Ghaul. Take a look at our wiki for more on Destiny 2.

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