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Destiny 2: How to Accept a Clan Invite


Destiny 2: How to Accept a Clan Invite

How to Accept a Clan Invite in Destiny 2

While playing Destiny 2 as a lone Guardian is fun, playing with friends as part of a Fireteam is when Bungie’s game is at its greatest. You can simply join up with a couple of other friends when in game, or you can become a member of a clan so that you are working towards a common goal and you have more fellow Guardians to choose from when forming a smaller Fireteam.

You have to set up a clan, search for an existing one, or be invited to one via Bungie’s website or the Companion App. However, you can accept clan invites when in-game. First, you’ll need to have your Destiny account (the account for whichever console you’re playing on) linked to so that the Clan leader can find you when they attempt to send you a clan invite.

Once the clan invite has been sent, head to your character menu by pressing the options/menu button. Then, scroll left to the Clan Tab by pressing L1/LB and there you will see the invite. Simply press A/X to accept and you’ll become a member of the clan.

That is how you accept a clan invite in Destiny 2. For more on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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