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Cuphead: How to Heal and Restore Health


Cuphead: How to Heal and Restore Health

How to Heal and Restore Health in Cuphead

You may have heard that Cuphead is not an easy game, and that’s not a lie. The difficulty can be crushing at times. Making things more difficult is the fact that you only have 3 HP, and there are absolutely no checkpoints within the different levels in the game. Of course, healing would help alleviate the pressure of the bosses and enemies coming for Cuphead and Mugman’s life. Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that.

You can’t restore lost HP while playing. There are powers to turn you temporarily invincible, but that’s about it. You get 3 HP, 4 if you have the right item, and that’s it. Lose them and you’ll have to start the entire boss or Run ‘n’ Gun level over. It seems harsh, but it’s all part of the learning, dying, and learning some more challenge that Cuphead is built around.

If you’re struggling to stay alive, try bringing in another player for some couch co-op to help you out, or switch up your abilities to give yourself an edge in combat. Neither of these tips can help you heal, but they should help you survive.

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