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Cuphead: How to Beat Ribby and Croaks (Clip Joint Calamity)


Cuphead: How to Beat Ribby and Croaks (Clip Joint Calamity)

How to Beat Clip Joint Calamity in Cuphead

Clip Joint Calamity pits players against a frog and toad combo (at least I think they’re a frog and toad, I don’t know the difference between frogs and toads). They seem to be running a nice little gambling spot and Cuphead barges in to collect his contract, what ensues is a tough, three-phase fight. The first is against both bosses on one side, the next when they split up, and the third is when they fuse into this large slot machine

Phase 1

During this phase, both Ribby and Croaks will be on the right side of the screen. They have two attacks. Croaks will summon fireflies. If you don’t shoot them down they’ll try to dive bomb you. This can be avoided, but it’s best to just shoot them down. Ribby will do a punch combo that fires fists at Cuphead. The order is bottom, middle, top, then back down again. jump over the first one, then duck and continue shooting. Continue shooting and avoiding the above attacks until Ribby ducks down. He’ll start to roll at you at which point you want to jump and evade.

Phase 2

This phase also has you dealing with both bosses while they’re still separate. However, only one of them uses an attack that will actually cause damage, while the other tries to just push you into the attacks. Croak will turn into a fan while Ribby shoots out these glowing orbs. Just push against the wind of the fan while continuously shooting Croak and avoiding the orbs (they bounce with an easy to read trajectory). That’s all you have to do until it’s time for the final phase. At this point, Croak will open his mouth wide which means you need to prepare to jump and dodge to the left as Ribby rolls into him.

Slot Machine

The Slot Machine phase of this fight honestly isn’t that bad as long as you stay alert. The machine will toss gold coins that you need to dodge. Eventually, the handle will appear and you need to parry it (press A while jumping next to it). This will lead to one of a few scenarios that all revolve around disks being shot towards Cuphead. If you get three Ribbys (green icons) there will just be a series of rapid disks that slide along the floor. Jump from disk to disk, all the while shooting the machine, until the coin phase repeats. If you get three Croaks, you’ll get floating disks that shoot fire out of the top or bottom. If they’re shooting from the bottom, jump on top. If they’re shooting from the top, duck beneath them. Just keep shooting as you do this and you’ll win this Cuphead boss battle.

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