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Yakuza Kiwami: How to Beat Jo Amon


Yakuza Kiwami: How to Beat Jo Amon

How to Beat Jo Amon in Yakuza Kiwami

Yakuza Kiwami has some tough fights, but none quite as daunting as Jo Amon, the long-running secret boss of the series. Amon was also featured in the original Yakuza, and to fight him you had to complete all substories in the game. The same is true with Kiwami, as you will have to complete every substory, but once you do, you can find Jo Amon waiting for you in the Theater Square.

Before you ever fight this boss, make sure you have plenty of recovery items, both for your health and heat gauges. It’s best to go to the medicine store and completely fill up your inventory with items. It’s also recommended that you completely level up each style in the game, including the Dragon before you take him on.

Amon can be one tough customer, and off the bat you’ll notice he has more health bars than any boss in Kiwami. He also has two different fighting styles that he switches between, one basically a copy of Kiryu’s Dragon style, while the other is a copy of Majima’s Mad Dog style. This means he has all the deadly abilities of Kiryu and Majima at their best.

Amon will start the fight out in his Dragon style, and the best option for combating this one is your Rush style. Rush is much faster than he is, so use tactics like dodging around his blows and weaving with L1 to make his attacks miss while you move behind him to unleash a few attacks. This is going to take a while but just keep focusing on dodging and weaving, Take advantage of dodging to build up your heat gauge, and taunt when you get a chance to do the same. Use heat actions whenever you have the chance to do big damage to Amon.

Once he pulls out a knife and switches to Mad Dog style, you’ll need to change up your tactics. Amon is faster than you here, so the best option here is to switch to Dragon style and just focus on using counters. Especially useful is the Tiger Drop that you learn from Komaki assigned to R1 and triangle when an enemy hits you. If you pull this off correctly, it causes massive damage. Basically, you’ll want to play things defensive for the rest of the fight when he switches, so Dragon is absolutely recommended although you might be able to pull it off with Brawler as well.

Just hang in there, make sure to heal and build up heat, and you should be able to overcome Yakuza Kiwami’s toughest boss.

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