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Is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Coming to Xbox One?


Is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Coming to Xbox One?

Is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Coming to Xbox One?

The latest entry in the Uncharted series from Naughty Dog is just around the corner and PS4 fans will already be counting down the days until they can embark on their next adventure. Rather than following the escapades of smooth-talking Nathan Drake, however, players will this time follow Chloe and Nadine as they travel across India in search of an ancient Indian artifact. While we know that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is coming to the PS4, some players may be wondering if they’ll get to check out Naughty Dog’s latest title on the Xbox One.

Unfortunately, that’s incredibly unlikely to happen. Naughty Dog is a first-party studio of Sony and, as such, has released all of its titles exclusively on the PlayStation platforms. The Uncharted series, in particular, only released on the PlayStation 3, Vita, and most recently, the PlayStation 4. Further confirmation that The Lost Legacy won’t be coming to the Xbox One can be found over on the game’s official page on the PlayStation site. Just below the header image, it clearly labels the game as ‘Only on PlayStation.’

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will only be available on PS4 when it releases Aug. 22.

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