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Thumper Hits Xbox One Later This Month

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Thumper Hits Xbox One Later This Month

Its finally coming!

Popular rhythm violence game, Thumper, will finally make its way to the Xbox One later this month.

The news comes via a post over on the official Thumper website from the developer Drool. According to the post, the team had originally begun developing Thumper for the Xbox 360 back in 2009, but after eight years, have finally got a concrete date set of Aug. 18.

For those unfamiliar with Thumper, the game puts you in control of a chrome beetle on a track where you must hit colored pads and navigate other obstacles along the way. With some seriously psychedelic visuals and an atmospheric, pounding soundtrack, Thumper is one of the best rhythm games out there right now. You can check out our PSVR review for the game here.

With the title finally releasing on the Xbox One later this month, the game will have finally released on all of the major platforms including PS4, PC, Switch, and the various different VR platforms, too.

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