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Tacoma: Story and Ending Explained


Tacoma: Story and Ending Explained

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Taking place more than half a century from now, Tacoma’s tale is certainly more of a futuristic one than the personal one that focused on a relationship between two people in Fullbright’s first game, Gone Home. That being said, the narrative of both games explore how humans treat each other and how relationships of all kinds develop when under pressure.

In Tacoma, you play as Amy Ferrier, a subcontractor who has arrived at the titular space station to work out what happened to the six members of the crew and to retrieve the AI system that played a huge part in the running and maintenance of the station.

While there are some smaller sub-stories in Tacoma, they don’t play a huge part in the overarching story. As such, we’re just focusing on the main events that transpire in Tacoma for this story and ending explanation.

Once she steps out of her transport ship and enters Tacoma, she is prompted to set up a personal AR device that allows her to receive messages and see recordings of the crew’s conversations throughout the space station. You then begin exploring, with the aim of viewing any messages left in tact to find out what happened aboard just a matter of hours before.

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