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The Sims 4: How to Do the Legacy Challenge


The Sims 4: How to Do the Legacy Challenge

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How to Do the Legacy Challenge in The Sims 4

Most avid players of The Sims are no stranger to The Legacy Challenge. This challenge actually kicked off during the days of The Sims 2 but has remained a popular challenge in The Sims 4. The Legacy Challenge is a relatively simple challenge but still one that requires patience with your family of Sims. If you love a good rags to riches story get ready to buckle up for one crazy journey that will test you Sims’ perseverance. In a world that can easily be controlled and altered with the help of useful cheat codes and mods, The Legacy Challenge gives you a strict set of rules to live by throughout 10 full generations.

The challenge starts with you creating one Sim. This Sim will be the founder of The Legacy Challenge and the only Sim you will actually create throughout the entire challenge. You will want to make this Sim a Young Adult and make sure this is the only Sim in the entire founding household. That means you will have to create a family and continue you family’s legacy through more authentic means—finding a Sim to fall in love with and have children to keep your bloodline going.

Once you have created your founder Sim, move them into an empty lot. This won’t, however, be their permanent home. You will need to return to the world screen, select your newly created founder, and move them into a freshly bulldozed 50×50 residential lot. Keep in mind that eligible lots must cost $10,000. Once you’re settled in, your founder will have $10,000 in cash but it’s not time to run free just yet. Before going any further you will need to purchase the Knight of the Octagon Table, which costs $8,200, and toss it into your family inventory. It’s mandatory that it stays in your inventory for the entirety of the challenge. You will now have $1,800 in cash to start your legacy off with.

Keep in mind that you want to follow these steps to obtain the $1,800 instead of using cheat codes to get the same amount of money. A part of the challenge’s entertaining level of difficulty comes from the fact that your Sim will start out dealing with the reality of poverty. Purchasing the Knight of the Octagon challenge not only helps you reach the magic number for The Sims Legacy Challenge but it also means your Sim will be faced with higher bills despite the fact that you’ll be forced to live at a true bare minimum in the beginning. Now The Legacy Challenge begins and the goal is simple. Go through 10 generations while adhering to the following rules and see exactly what kind of legacy came of your original founding Sim.

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