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PUBG: Where to Get Cars


PUBG: Where to Get Cars

Get a leg, or car, up over the competition in PUBG.

Where to Get Cars in PUBG

PUBG has a colossal map, and sometimes instead of walking everywhere your only option is to get in a car and start driving – they’ll be crucial in order to stay ahead of the encroaching death that is that big blue wall. Cars and bikes are easily the quickest method of transport across the map, and if you find yourself a long way from the circle, you’ll need to find a car quick – but where are they all?

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered; the picture below shows off almost every car spawn PUBG has to offer, so you’ll never be stuck again. Of course, if you don’t want to have the map constantly open, or it feels like cheating to do so, your best bet is to look around the game’s biggest towns and cities, which will always contain at least a few cars.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Most cars tend to show up in the center of the map, and around Georgopol in the Northwest, but the east side of the map seems to contain much more cars in places you wouldn’t expect – like the sides of the road – so if you’re stuck around there that’s a good start. There’s no way for us to tell where exactly a car is going to spawn, but if you follow our guide below you’ll definitely run into a vehicle. Vehicles also now spawn in any direction – this might seem like a useless note, but you used to be able to tell if a vehicle was a fresh spawn if it was facing directly East.

If you’re after more help with PUBG, make sure to check out our extensive wiki. It’s got loads of helpful guides, including tips and tricks for you to get a leg up over the competition.

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