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Monster Hunter World Breaks the Barrier Between Single-Player and Multiplayer Quests

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Monster Hunter World Breaks the Barrier Between Single-Player and Multiplayer Quests

Play however you want.

While Monster Hunter World has been advertised as a multiplayer-centric game, Capcom recently confirmed that all quests are tailored for solo play.

Past games in the series categorized quests for single-player and multiplayer. While all quests can be completed alone, multiplayer missions were designed for two or more hunters to tackle. Now, Monster Hunter World scales the difficulty accordingly when other players are present.

In an interview with GameInformer, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said the team has “brought down the wall separating single-player and multiplayer quests.” “In single, you can do everything by yourself. You can also call in other people during single-player if you want to change things up or have gotten in trouble with an SOS flare to have friends or anyone playing on the server help you.”

Ultimately, Capcom wishes to give players the freedom on how they want to experience the game. “If you want to play as a lone hunter, you can totally do that and enjoy the story by yourself,” said Tsujimoto. “We want to make sure players have the option to play the game the way they want to,” he added.

Additionally, Tsujimoto addressed fan concern over Monster Hunter World’s difficulty. The series have always had a reputation for being a brutally difficult game, but hardcore fans felt concerned after hearing Capcom’s intention to make the game more accessible to a global audience. While the developer aims to make Monster Hunter World more accessible to newcomers, Tsujimoto said the game will be enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their skill level.

“I really want to reassure Monster Hunter fans: this is the game you know and love, it’s just that it’s no longer quite so difficult to get to the point in the game where you’re having fun. There’s plenty of opportunity for people to enjoy the game no matter their skill level.”

Tsujimoto stressed that Capcom has only added more steps for players to get skilled because some players had difficulty overcoming the steep learning curve before they could find enjoyment in the game. “We’re creating this action experience in which you have to learn how to play the game to get skilled, and it’s super satisfying: learning how to hunt and how to use your weapons and hunt different monsters in the game,” Tsujimoto said.

“We want everyone to get to that place and the problem isn’t that the place is wrong, it’s that the steps you need to take to get there have been a little steep until now. There have been hurdles you’ll have to complete to get to the fun and sometimes people have had issues overcoming those hurdles. This is what we’re making accessible and a bit smoother. We’re not making the action into a button-masher. It’s always going to be the same great core action. We want to just make sure that as many players as possible have the opportunity to enjoy Monster Hunter.”

Additionally, YouTuber Arrekz Gaming said Capcom purposely made quests easier in gameplay demos to ease queue lines in gaming events, such as the demo in Gamescom 2017.

Monster Hunter World launches globally sometime in early 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC version coming at a later date. Similar to past games, the upcoming title will have plenty of free DLCs.

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