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Microsoft: Xbox One X Will Have a Better-Performing Dashboard

xbox one x dashboard redesign


Microsoft: Xbox One X Will Have a Better-Performing Dashboard

What do you want to see improved?

Microsoft has made completely overhauling its Xbox dashboards a routine occurrence over the years, with the result being increasingly difficult-to-navigate menus ever since the console holder moved on from the Xbox 360’s blades. Now Microsoft is promising to fix the problem for the umpteenth time when the Xbox One X launches this fall.

Corporate Vice President, Xbox and Windows Platform Mike Ybarra has informed VG247 that Microsoft is preparing a new dashboard built to streamline performance on all Xbox One consoles. Ybarra said it’s something Microsoft has spent a lot of time thinking about.

“When we come out with X we’ll have so much more power, so much more RAM. What do we want to do? What I told the team is, we don’t want to do anything. Because of exactly the point you’re making,” he said when asked if the new dashboard would be weighed down by feature creep.

Ybarra said he spoke with Xbox boss-man Phil Spencer about the issue, and “everyone” at Microsoft realized there was room for “a lot of just general improvement to do in terms of the UI and the responsiveness of the UI.

“I feel great about where we’ve come today, but we designed this UI to be across the whole family and to only use a static amount of system resources so that even on S and the original Xbox One it runs absolutely great.”

Microsoft has yet to finalize the new dashboard design, and it’s continuing to solicit user feedback leading up the Xbox One X’s launch. That includes tweeting some details out for the masses to disseminate. For instance, Ybarra announced earlier this month that the new dashboard will allow users to pin 40 things to their home screen, up from the current 18.

“It’ll change as we listen to feedback and get more feedback from people, but we’re streamlining it,” explained Ybarra. “Performance is always the top of the line for us in terms of what our prioritization is.”

The Xbox One X launches November 7 for $499.99.


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