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It’s Tag, You’re It With the Latest Sonic Forces Gameplay Trailer


It’s Tag, You’re It With the Latest Sonic Forces Gameplay Trailer

Join forces to save the world.

We may have just gotten the excellent Sonic Mania, but you’ll recall that there’s another Sonic game in the works. Sonic Forces is still on its way, for better or for worse, and there’s a brand new trailer showing off the “Tag” stages.

Essentially, some stages in the game will find your custom Sonic character teaming up with Sonic himself to use Wispon abilities, Sonic’s homing attacks and more to eliminate the enemies. There’s a new Cube Wilson for the player character shown off during the trailer as well, which can be used to freeze the bad guys in place. If you were hoping to really bring your beloved Sonic OC to life, Sonic Forces continues to look like the best avenue to do it with.

It looks like there’s a lot to do in Sonic Forces, even though it’s possible it could fall into the same trap as so many other 3D Sonic titles, but hopefully this one breaks the mold this time around. You can see the new trailer below, and if you’re looking forward to trying it out, it’s launching on November 9 in Japan, and later this holiday season in addition to a PC version in North America and Europe.


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