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Dream Daddy: How to Get Craig’s S Rank Ending


Dream Daddy: How to Get Craig’s S Rank Ending

How to Get Craig’s S Rank Ending in Dream Daddy

Just in case you have ever looked at the hot frat boy from college and insisted that he would never grow up and mature, Dream Daddy introduces you to the likes of Craig. Disclaimer: Not all frat boys turn out to be a Craig but in our dreams they do—hence the name Dream Daddy. Anyway, Craig is the game’s “fitness dad.” He’s all about keeping things active, getting into outdoor adventures, and carrying his adorable baby around everywhere he goes. While you will recall his wild college days, Craig has certainly cleaned up his act. So much so that it’s hard to believe in the beginning, but how can you not trust that smile?

When it comes down to it, Craig is still a fun-loving guy but he’s way more responsible with it these days. If you keep that in mind, along with his love for fitness and pushing yourself to healthy new limits, you’ll probably have Craig figured out. Just in case you need some extra help, however, here are the choices you’ll want to make to win Craig over.

Choices on the first date:

  • Make sure you ask Craig about everything although the order does not matter.
  • The right person will come eventually
  • I mean…

Choices on the second date:

  • Go to playground
  • Look for clues
  • Interrogate Joseph
  • That sounds a little suspect, Joseph
  • No (yes)
  • Try to calm River down
  • Move to another part of the park
  • Go to the field
  • Mat and Carmensita
  • Check out those squirrels
  • The tree
  • Look for clues
  • Interrogate River
  • Good cop
  • Move to another park of the park
  • Go to the woods
  • Look for clues
  • Interrogate Robert
  • Be bad cop
  • Go deeper into the woods
  • Yes
  • Grimy brunch

Choices on the third date:

  • Such a gentleman
  • There won’t be
  • Look at Craig’s butt
  • Let’s put on a show
  • Dunk him – Do it until he says he is done
  • I’ll race you to the top
  • Go overboard with compliments
  • Hell yeah, bro

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