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Bungie Is Changing Endgame Content and Weekly Strikes in Destiny 2

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Bungie Is Changing Endgame Content and Weekly Strikes in Destiny 2

You’ll pre-plan more and have to replay less, or so Bungie hopes.

Bungie is tweaking its approach to endgame content and weekly strike from Destiny to Destiny 2, according to the latest issue of Edge magazine (via Eurogamer). Players’ loadouts will be locked down during certain endgame content while weekly Nightfall strikes will be timed.

These changes are meant to force players to take a more strategic approach, pre-planning their approaches to better ensure their success and cut down on how often they’ll fail and need to replay the same strikes and endgame content. Additionally, the Nightfall changes are also aimed at eliminating an exploit and ensuring gamers play the strikes the way Bungie intends them to.

Some Destiny players figured out that the easiest way to beat the Nightfall strikes was to camp out behind some rocks and slowly but safely chip away at boss’ health. That will no longer be a viable option, as the Nightfalls will have roughly 15-minute timers, though exact times will vary from strike to strike.

The endgame equipment lockdown, meanwhile, applies to both players’ gear and their subclass.

A third change will reward players using certain energy weapons by giving them a bonus when fighting enemies protected by elemental shields. Inflicting enough damage on the shields with some energy weapons will cause them to explode, dealing area of effect damage.

Destiny 2 releases September 6 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and October 24 on PC.


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