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Agents of Mayhem: How to Use Gremlin Tech


Agents of Mayhem: How to Use Gremlin Tech

How to Use Gremlin Tech in Agents of Mayhem

Gremlin Tech are special consumables that you can use while out on the field. They range from things like simple temporary buffs, to grenades, to weapons that you can wreak havoc with. They must be found or crafted, though, as they do not simply recharge. Still, they can really help out in a pinch during the more difficult parts of Agents of Mayhem. You can craft these items by talking to Gremlin over at the R+D Lab on the Ark.

To use them, equip one by going into your inventory and assigning it (you can only have one equipped at a time). From there, simply press L1/LB while playing and you’ll activate the item, whatever it may be. Make sure not to go too crazy with them because, as we’ve stated, these are consumables in Agents of Mayhem. Once you run out, that’s it until you decide to go and craft more.

Also, be sure to loot any chests you stumble across as they tend to hold one or two of these useful items. Make sure to read their descriptions as well so you’re not left wondering why nothing is happening on your screen when you press L1/LB.

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