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Agents of Mayhem: How Long it Is and How Many Missions There Are


Agents of Mayhem: How Long it Is and How Many Missions There Are

How Long Agents of Mayhem Is and How Many Missions There Are

Agents of Mayhem is the newest game from Volition (Saints Row) and it is absolutely packed with missions and activities for players and their team of agents to fight through. How long the game is exactly, though, depends on how you’re planning on playing it.

If you’re trying to just focus on the story and really have no care for unlocking everything or seeing all that Agents of Mayhem has to offer, you’re looking at 22 missions spread across nine operations (not counting the open couple of operations that serve as your tutorial). To get through just the story alone, you’re looking at maybe 10 or so hours. It’s dependent on what difficulty you set the game on and how efficient you are at clearing out threats. If you toss in the agents’ personal operations (which reveal more backstory and unlock specific skins) you can add another two hours to that (they’re all relatively short).

A lot of the content in Agents of Mayhem comes from side activities and how badly you want to unlock everything. I was able to unlock all agents, all vehicles, all gadgets, fully upgrade the agency, and finish all of the Wreck Room challenges in around 30 hours. I still haven’t maxed out all of the agents yet, nor have I obtained every single piece of Tech (Gremlin and Legion). So there’s plenty of play time to get in, offering quite a bit for your money.

In total there are 57 missions, five lieutenants to defeat, and 31 wreck room challenges. Have fun!

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