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Absolver: How Long Is It and How Many Missions There Are


Absolver: How Long Is It and How Many Missions There Are

How Long Is Absolver and How Many Missions There Are

Absolver is an action RPG that is set in an open world and pretty much leaves players to their own devices. As such, it’s sort of difficult to pin down just how long the game actually is, because it really comes down to how you decide to play. Still, there is a core objective that should drive you towards the game’s “end,” although that doesn’t see your adventure necessarily end if you don’t want it to.

The main mission of the game is to become a titular Absolver. To do this, you must beat nine individuals located throughout the Adal empire. There are six Marked Ones (think mini-bosses who are much more powerful versions of the usual martial artists you come across in Absolver). After that are two bosses named Kuretz and Kilnor/Calgar. Once you’ve defeated all of them, the gate to the Tower of Adal opens up and you can actually progress through there to reach the top and face your final opponent, Risryn, upon which you will become an Absolver.

At that point you can actually become a Mentor, allowing other players to learn your way of combat, which just expands the game even more if you really get into the action of Absolver.

As far as how long this will take you, well, that depends. We managed to take out the first mini-boss within an hour of starting, but honestly, we got lucky. Still, if you’re highly skilled, and patient, you can probably cruise through most of the challenge. And, if you really get into everything the game has to offer, the cap on how long you’ll be playing can increase dramatically.

We’ll try to nail down a more definitive range on how long the core game is as we continue to play. But for now, we hope the above breakdown of what you actually do in the game helps. For more on Absolver, be sure to check back in at Twinfinite.

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