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Absolver: How to Change Combat Style


Absolver: How to Change Combat Style

How to Change Your Combat Style in Absolver

When you first create a character in Absolver you must choose a combat style from three different options:

  • Forsaken – a balanced style that relies on your strength and offers the parry ability.
  • Kahlt Method – A more strength and vitality focused style.
  • Windfall – A dexterity focused combat style.

Once you create your character you’re locked into that specific style for a large portion of the game. However, you can learn other combat styles by joining a school and gaining a mentor (these are high-level players). You’ll gain access to your mentor’s combat-deck and their combat style and have the ability to unlock them for your own.

When you do finally unlock a new style in Absolver, simply go into the Meditation menu then the Combat Style tab (by pressing R1 until you reach it). From here, simply pick the one you want to equip. Do note that you can only change this while outside of combat. So once you choose one and jump into a fight, you’re stuck until you either win or fall in battle.

That’s all you need to know to change styles. For more on Absolver, be sure to check back in here at Twinfinite.

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