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Warren Spector Thinks AAA Gaming Is “Same Old, With Prettier Pictures”

Deus Ex

Warren Spector Thinks AAA Gaming Is “Same Old, With Prettier Pictures”

AAA gaming is void of creativity, according to a developer with a very creative mind.

In an interview with IGN, legendary game designer Warren Spector stated that he isn’t interested in AAA gaming. When asked about the current state of video game development today in comparison to the nineties, Spector referred to it as “same old, same old, with prettier pictures”.

Spector suggested that the costs of production and pressure to generate revenue have led to a stagnation in creativity. He cited the independent game development scene as the only bastion of creativity and mentioned that was his only interest at gaming conventions such as GDC. Cuphead was referenced as a particularly promising example.

According to Spector, only the indie scene has improved during the past decade, where developers have the opportunity to use many different avenues to make their dream games.

Warren Spector is the mastermind behind the original Deus Ex game, which has been hailed as a seminal, genre-defining FPS/RPG.

IGN Unfiltered will have more coverage of their exclusive interview with Spector over the coming week.




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