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The Surge is Getting a Free Playable Demo Next Week

the surge

The Surge is Getting a Free Playable Demo Next Week

Jump into an exo-suit next week.

Deck13 Interactive has just announced that they’ll be releasing a free playable demo for The Surge on consoles and PC next week. They didn’t provide any other details about the demo itself, but we’re guessing that newcomers will likely be able to try out the game’s first tutorial stage.

The Surge is a third-person action RPG, and it’s widely considered to be a Souls-like title. The game makes use of similar concepts like losing all your experience points upon dying twice, and respawning enemies whenever you rest at a checkpoint. The game takes place in a distant future Earth, and our protagonist is tasked with finding out exactly what went wrong in his workplace when all of the machines start malfunctioning and attacking the human beings.

While we did enjoy our time with the game overall, we feel that Deck13 still has a ways to go before they can truly perfect and refine the Souls-like formula in their games.

The Surge is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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