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Snap Up Classic ’90s Shooter Shadow Warrior For Free Now


Snap Up Classic ’90s Shooter Shadow Warrior For Free Now

Come get some of this Wang.

Need a little more Wang in your day? GOG has just the thing for you. The irreverent ‘90s shooter Shadow Warrior is now free via the video game merchant’s storefront, and you can tear into some hilariously gory action right now without spending a dime.

It may seem like GOG’s late to the party since the game had new life breathed into it for the sake of ensuring gaming modernity. It received a reboot for 2013’s excellent Shadow Warrior, which gave the shooter a fresh coat of paint and astounding amount of polish.

If you’re more into playing the oldies, you can head over to GOG right now, click the link for the game, and slot it into your gaming collection, which should hopefully include Cannon Fodder and Phantasmagoria, all excellent oldies but goodies. This version of Shadow Warrior is also DRM-free and comes with all the past expansions as well, so you’re getting the entire — ahem — package.

There’s still plenty to love about the original game even if you blazed right through the remade Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2, so why not make it a classic gaming night while you breeze through the rest of this holiday week and slaughter some pixels?


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