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Overwatch Tips: How to Play Doomfist


Overwatch Tips: How to Play Doomfist

Punch your way through the streets in style.

How To Play Doomfist – Overwatch

Doomfist has just been brought into the Overwatch Testing Realm, and everyone is scrambling to play him as soon as they can. This latest hero is an offensive-type, who takes a very aggressive stance thanks to his lack of range and high mobility. Expect to be spending a lot of time in the air with this guy; he has two abilities that throw him around – and his ultimate is a whole other story. His kit is well-equipped to send enemies flying, meaning he’ll be very useful if you want to try and push through a defensive area.

Doomfist is an extremely offensive hero, but it doesn’t mean he’s without his weaknesses. For one, while his abilities (which have been detailed in-depth on the next page) allow him to fly in and knock the enemy about, he isn’t invincible, so you’re going to need to go in with a plan before you engage on the enemy. Doomfist can knock enemies into the air, backwards, and up, but in most cases, he can only do this to one enemy at a time. If you’re engaging in a teamfight, Doomfist can knock mutliple enemies at once into the air, but it isn’t for long and won’t do much to disrupt their attacks.

One essential thing for you to do as Doomfist is make sure to focus the correct enemy. There’s no need to tunnel-vision onto the enemy Tracer when you won’t be able to hit her with any of your abilities, for example. Heroes who aren’t incredibly mobile, or who are an anchor for a team, will be the ones you need to aim for. An enemy Mercy or Ana would be a good choice, especially since Doomfist can so easily fly over the tops of their defense at blistering speeds.

Doomfist’s Ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, also enables him to move behind enemy lines and deal devastating damage. Whether it’s to engage groups or pick off and destroy the important enemies, you’ll want to save this move for the perfect moment, in-sync with the rest of your team.

After practicing a little, you’ll be able to completely decimate enemies with your extreme mobility and devastating damage. Doomfist is more of a bullying-type hero, who knocks enemies around and harrasses them rather than outright killing them, but he can really do a lot of damage to solo enemies if used correctly.

Your biggest counters will be the likes of Orisa, who has the power to negate all crowd-control type damage, or Sombra, who can completely shut down the use of his abilities. Pharah will probably be his biggest counter, though, since she can just sit in the air just out of Doomfist’s reach. Watch out for Zarya too, who will be able to shut down your damage and convert it into damage for herself. If you see any of these enemies around, it might be a good idea to avoid them or switch to another hero entirely.

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