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Destiny 2: How to Detonate Your Nova Bomb (Warlocks)


Destiny 2: How to Detonate Your Nova Bomb (Warlocks)

How to Detonate the Warlock’s Nova Bomb in Destiny 2

While Bungie did make sure to include three new subclasses in Destiny 2 (one each for Warlock, Hunter, and Titan), they also tweaked a few classes that are returning. For the Warlocks, the Voidwalker is coming back with some new tricks up its sleeve, though returning players won’t find it too out of place. The build that’s available in the beta uses the Attunement of Chaos (one of two paths you can use to define your Voidwalker Warlock). The super is still a Nova Bomb, but it has a few perks that make it perform a bit differently.

The Nova Bomb that you can use with the Attunement of Chaos is slow moving with some slight tracking. It also breaks apart into smaller bombs that track as well. The thing is, the slow moving orb can often miss its target (even with the tracking), but there is a way to detonate it early to take out nearby enemies and cause some serious damage to enemy forces. All you have to do is shoot it. That’s it. Just pull out a gun, any gun will do, and open fire on your Nova Bomb in Destiny 2 and it will explode exactly where it floats and will still split up to the smaller bombs as well. This allows a bit more control over the situation rather than your Warlock watching helplessly as their super drifts slowly into the horizon.

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