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Destiny 2: Automatically Reload Your Weapon Trick For Titans


Destiny 2: Automatically Reload Your Weapon Trick For Titans

Automatically Reload Your Weapon Titan Trick in Destiny 2

Titans have seen a lot of change going into Destiny 2, and it’s all for the better. The bulky class finally feels like the tank it was always meant to be, and even has some other neat tricks up its sleeve to help those on the frontlines keep pressure on enemy aliens and opponents in the Crucible. One such trick is the ability to automatically reload weapons, allowing for an endless stream of bullets from your gun. To do this you’ll need to utilize your Rally Barricade, this is the shorter version of the Titan’s class ability which allows a player to summon a wall of light for cover.

While the tall one can quickly block off passages, and save you from imminent danger, the Rally Barricade allows you to shoot from cover, by ducking behind it and aiming. The real trick of the barricade, though, is that it instantly reloads your equipped weapon when you duck behind it. So duck behind, get off an entire clip with something like the Sweet Business (the powerful exotic auto rifle), then duck back in and voila, you have a fully reloaded weapon again without the awkward pause of having to replace your ammunition during a brutal firefight.

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