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Dark Souls III: How to Use Miracles


Dark Souls III: How to Use Miracles

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Using Miracles in Dark Souls III

Miracles are kind of like white magic in Dark Souls III, and they can be incredibly deadly if used correctly. If you started the game as a Cleric, you’ll get a Sacred Chime, along with the spells Heal and Force. If you didn’t start as a Cleric, you’ll need to progress through the game a little more before you can get access to Miracles.

You’ll first encounter Irina of Carim in the Undead Settlement, near the large cathedral where you first meet Siegward. You can get to her jail cell either by dropping down the cliff next to Eygon, or going through the sewers near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. After talking to her, she’ll go back to Firelink Shrine, where you’ll be able to purchase Miracles from her.

To use Miracles, you’ll need to have a Chime equipped, and have your spells attuned at a bonfire. Sit at a bonfire and choose the spells you want to equip in your attunement slots, and you’ll be good to go. Take note that using spells will consume FP, which can be refilled with Ashen Estus Flasks.

As you go through the game, you’ll find tomes that can be given to Irina, and these will expand her Miracles inventory. However, be careful not to give her the Deep and Londor Tomes if you don’t want to mess up her quest line (or do so, if you prefer the more tragic ending to this quest line). These tomes can instead be given to Karla the pyromancer, who will then sell you those Dark Miracles.

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