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Valkyria Revolution: How to Change Potentials


Valkyria Revolution: How to Change Potentials

How to Change Potentials in Valkyria Revolution

Potentials are a mechanic featured across the Valkyria series that once again returns for Valkyria Revolution. These skills are unique to each character, and activate when certain conditions are met in battle. They can, however, both help and hurt your characters. For example, one character may have a pollen allergy which weakens them when in tall grass and other areas, while another character might be good friends with a fellow party member, boosting their damage when they fight near each other.

Unfortunately, you don’t have direct control over the potentials that each character has, as they are preassigned. However, there is a degree of change that can happen, as you can awaken characters to new potentials or change existing ones by viewing certain events. These events are unlocked at certain points in the story, but you will need to view them yourself as Valkyria Revolution won’t automatically play them. To do so, you’ll need to return to Richelle from playing as Amleth, then move the left stick to the right to view the Notebook. This contains a handful of fun scenes relating to specific party members, most of which will unlock some kind of new potential. Make sure to take a look at the Notebook every once in a while and mop up any scenes that you might not have viewed.

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