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Pokemon GO: How to Find Nearby Raids


Pokemon GO: How to Find Nearby Raids

How to Find Nearby Raids in Pokemon GO

The biggest Pokemon GO update since its release nearly a year ago dropped this week. It features a complete rework of the gym system and the addition of Raid battles that see teams of trainers come together to take on supremely powerful Pokemon in certain gyms across the world.

While Raid battles are currently only available to players that are level 25 and over, everyone will be notified when one is active nearby them. You can check whether one is close to you in two ways. The first, which you can do at all times, is check the nearby Pokemon tab at the bottom right of the screen, then swipe left to move to the Raid tab. There will be a number near the ‘Raid’ title if there is one nearby and the specific Poke Stop will be shown in the box below. If there isn’t anything nearby, it will say ‘There are no Raids nearby’ in the box.

Alternatively, you can simply wait until the game makes it more obvious for you. Once a Raid becomes active nearby, a message will show at the top of the screen telling you that a Raid has become active somewhere near you. You can then check the Raids tab to see where exactly it is and how long you have until it begins. Next, it is time to make your way towards the Poke Stop in question and begin battling the powerful Pokemon there and attempt to capture it.

That is how to find the new Raid battles that are near to you. For more on all things Pokemon GO, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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